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Happy WordPress Anniversary!

Yipeeeeeeee! 😍😘

Oh my god!!! I’m just soooo happy and excited! Its my first WordPress Happy Anniversary! 🎉🎊🎆🎉🎊 ❤

To all you guyz who have stayed by me and helped me, and to all those of you who have liked, commented and shared my blogs… “I Love You Guyz!” And thank you so much for everything!!!!

Sara Kenneth. 

Drenched Memories…

Most of my memories are with you… visiting them is sometimes a pleasure and sometimes a pain…

As I stand here
Drenched, in this ever so beautiful rain
I smile thinking of you
My drenched memory… Continue reading “Drenched Memories…”

His little Pinkie in Her Palm…

“A few friends had gone out for a movie. And it so happened that she ended up sitting beside him at the cinema hall. The one guy she had fallen in love with. The one guy who stole all her dreams.  She could hear the faint beats of her own heart. She really don’t know what it was. Nervousness, that she had ended up beside him… or the million possibilities that her mind and heart were wandering into. But it was something…
They both have a habit of sitting with arms crossed, and she didn’t think it was a big deal that, they were kinda slightly leaning on to each other. But there, in the darkness of the hall. it really didn’t matter, cause all eyes were fixated on the screen and after 3 hours, they both would pretend nothing happened. Continue reading “His little Pinkie in Her Palm…”

Holding Hands…

Happy Valentine’s Day…!!

You know, for all the time we’ve been together, you have been my most prized memory. A dream that came true. A hope that I wish to come true.
You. Me. Us…

Someday, sometime… I do want to be the girl who wakes up next to you. The girl that loves you with her entire heart, even when she has nothing to offer but love. And you and me, we’d be happier than the happiest we thought we’d ever be. Continue reading “Holding Hands…”

I Belong… Here

To my dearest beloved, my first ray of hope and my only one true love…

I searched the world to find my place
In every corner of available space
Fell in love once with you
And then, all my dreams came true… Continue reading “I Belong… Here”

I’m Not Her… I’m “ME”

I’m sorry…
I’m sorry that I’m not her….
I’m not sorry; because I’m me.

I’m not the girl that dies for attention from people. I’m not the girl who walks around with skimpy-half-naked-clothes trying to be the topic of discussion. I’m not the girl that runs away with untied shoe laces, because it makes me look cute. I’m not the girl that puts on inches of make up to look pretty. I’m not the one with the hottest body. I don’t drink. Or smoke. I don’t make out with hundreds of guys… I’m not the one that parties every weekend. I’m nothing close to being anything perfect.
I’m really sorry, that I’m not that girl.  Continue reading “I’m Not Her… I’m “ME””

I Miss….You….

A letter to you. From me. Times change and sometimes people too. But you’ll always be the same, and perhaps that’s why I’m in love with you! Continue reading “I Miss….You….”

The Last Dusk… The New Dawn…

Everybody is all set to count-down from 10 to 1, celebrate the ending of another year; the beginning on a new one…
To everybody who has walked into my life making a difference, upon the pages of time and with the ink of life, I etch my letters from the bottom of my heart…

To My Family,
Never has there been more support and trust from anyone. You guys taught me so many important things that I’ll forever need as lessons to remember. Continue reading “The Last Dusk… The New Dawn…”

My Open Book…

On the pages of my heart
While at you, glancing a million darts
I write my story… our story
With great pride and glory…

I begin at the beginning
And I intend on recalling every single, sweet thing
That you and I shared
In the book of my heart, I have bared… Continue reading “My Open Book…”

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