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A New beginning… For An Old Story

“She didn’t see it as leaving behind. She saw it as walking forward.”

A simple line is sometimes enough to explain something that even a billion words might not be able to do. We all have had that point in our lives where we leave behind some part of our very routine-ed life, for the part where we being a  whole new life within the life we are living already. So this is my new beginning to my old story.

Its been two months exactly since I last saw the people who kept my world spinning. And now, they are all in different parts of the world. We are so far apart, yet the thought of them being right beside me, gives me comfort. Every time I see something around me, my first thoughts are “oh my god! I need to tell this to her! I bet she will laugh her head out!” or “I really wish she were beside me to see this”. And then, at the end of the day, I do call her up and spend an hour telling her about my day, and another one hour asking about hers. We laugh together over the phone as if we were right next to each other. And then, we say our goodbyes and love-you’s and hang up as though the world is perfect for us. In a way it is nice to know that people, no matter how far the distance, are right next to us in our hearts.

It is a bittersweet sliver of time when we sit back, reminiscing our old times together and laugh at ourselves. It always brings a fresh batch of happy tears to my eyes…which slowing drip down from my eyes, knowing that I will never live those beautiful moments again…
Maybe it was a miracle I ended up with a person like her for my friend. And maybe it was meant to be, but either ways….
With friends like her, my every new story will always be old. And every page in the book of my life, she will always be etched….
My best friend.

Love you, Always and forever…


“The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained…”

I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I don’t know how to even explain. How do you explain when the biggest part of your life, smiles and walks away, and you know that this would be the last time you’ll most probably see each other. The last time you’ll ever have a proper conversation?
It’s like your heart breaks and falls all around… and you know that you’ll never find some pieces ever again. You know that they are truly lost. And yet you pick them up, struggle to put it together. And it’s never whole again. But its there. You know that it’s gonna be okay. Just that it never will be okay. You are broken, yet whole. Somehow, all that pain, that anger, that sadness, every single memory you associated with one person, becomes a wall, growing stronger with time. It takes a while to move on… yet you never truly move on. Some part of you always lives in the past, smiling at all those treasured memories, reliving them again and again. Imagining the life that would have been yours, if things had turned out differently.
You wake up, to a new day… yet you find some resemblance to that one person all around you. At first, it’s painful. Tears threaten to flow. It hurts. And then, the pain slowly fades away. But it never truly leaves… Continue reading “Goodbye…”

My First Love, Heartbreak & Goodbye…

“The first time you fall in love, it changes you forever and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away” – Nicholas Sparks Continue reading “My First Love, Heartbreak & Goodbye…”

Happy WordPress Anniversary!

Yipeeeeeeee! 😍😘

Oh my god!!! I’m just soooo happy and excited! Its my first WordPress Happy Anniversary! 🎉🎊🎆🎉🎊 ❤

To all you guyz who have stayed by me and helped me, and to all those of you who have liked, commented and shared my blogs… “I Love You Guyz!” And thank you so much for everything!!!!

Sara Kenneth. 

Drenched Memories…

Most of my memories are with you… visiting them is sometimes a pleasure and sometimes a pain…

As I stand here
Drenched, in this ever so beautiful rain
I smile thinking of you
My drenched memory… Continue reading “Drenched Memories…”

His little Pinkie in Her Palm…

“A few friends had gone out for a movie. And it so happened that she ended up sitting beside him at the cinema hall. The one guy she had fallen in love with. The one guy who stole all her dreams.  She could hear the faint beats of her own heart. She really don’t know what it was. Nervousness, that she had ended up beside him… or the million possibilities that her mind and heart were wandering into. But it was something…
They both have a habit of sitting with arms crossed, and she didn’t think it was a big deal that, they were kinda slightly leaning on to each other. But there, in the darkness of the hall. it really didn’t matter, cause all eyes were fixated on the screen and after 3 hours, they both would pretend nothing happened. Continue reading “His little Pinkie in Her Palm…”

Holding Hands…

Happy Valentine’s Day…!!

You know, for all the time we’ve been together, you have been my most prized memory. A dream that came true. A hope that I wish to come true.
You. Me. Us…

Someday, sometime… I do want to be the girl who wakes up next to you. The girl that loves you with her entire heart, even when she has nothing to offer but love. And you and me, we’d be happier than the happiest we thought we’d ever be. Continue reading “Holding Hands…”

I Belong… Here

To my dearest beloved, my first ray of hope and my only one true love…

I searched the world to find my place
In every corner of available space
Fell in love once with you
And then, all my dreams came true… Continue reading “I Belong… Here”

I’m Not Her… I’m “ME”

I’m sorry…
I’m sorry that I’m not her….
I’m not sorry; because I’m me.

I’m not the girl that dies for attention from people. I’m not the girl who walks around with skimpy-half-naked-clothes trying to be the topic of discussion. I’m not the girl that runs away with untied shoe laces, because it makes me look cute. I’m not the girl that puts on inches of make up to look pretty. I’m not the one with the hottest body. I don’t drink. Or smoke. I don’t make out with hundreds of guys… I’m not the one that parties every weekend. I’m nothing close to being anything perfect.
I’m really sorry, that I’m not that girl.  Continue reading “I’m Not Her… I’m “ME””

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